Going on a book hunt Using call numbers to go on a book hunt 4th grade 4H field Trip Danielle caught at fish during the 4th grade 4H field trip Hunter Caught a fish at the 4th grade 4H field trip 4H field trip 4H Field Trip 4H Field Trip 4H Field Trip 4H Field Trip 4H Field Trip 4H-Field Trip first day of school breakfast Christy and Alijah on the first day of school Kindergarten is always fun! 1st day of Kindergarten 1st Day of School Breakfast 1st day of 1st grade 1st day of 3rd grade 1st day of school and first day at Keavy! first day of 3rd grade all smiles on the first day of 1st grade 1st day of 5th grade first day of 4th grade First Day of 5th Grade Thumbs up for the first day of 5th grade Mrs. Massey our new 4th gade teacher on her first day 1st Day of 5th Grade 1st Day of 5th Grade Mason Riggs and his 25 point club charm Kenlee Engle and her 10 point club charm Emmaleigh Powers and her 50 point club charms Thankful for these wonderful PTO members and helpers for their hard work @ the Keavy AR reward party
  Keavy Elementary serves students from Primary through 5th grade and also houses a preschool class. Many of our faculty and staff attended Keavy and continue to live in the community and thus have a personal commitment to making our school the best it can be. We strive to ensure that all of our students are prepared to succeed at the next ...

Keavy Elementary had a program on November 13, 2015 to honor all Veterans.  Arts & Humanities teacher Mr. Burns had every class perform a song in honor of the Veteransa and also incorporated his Jug Band into the performances.  4th grader Tanner Baker sang and played the guitar to Amazing Grace, the Keavy Cheerleaders and mascots sang the Star Spangled Banner, Brianna Cornett wrote a special poem to read, and Emmaleigh Powers read a special poem.  Thank you to our Veterans for coming to our program and thank you for your service.  Also, a special thanks to all the Keavy students for their hard work and dedication and to all the staff and volunteers that worked hard to make this day special. . 

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Pumpkin Character Projects

Thank you to everyone who particpated in the projects.  We are so proud of all of you and your hard work.



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5th Grade Unite Officers

Elected By their Peers

Left to right: Shelby Johnson (Historian), Connor Combs (President), T.K. Ramsey (Treasurer), and Caleb Disney (Secretary).

STAND Team Speaks to Keavy Elementary Students on September 18, 2015 about Making Good Choices


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Mrs. Valentine's 4th Grade Students Celebrate and Learn about the Culture of Paris, France on Maker's Day in the Library

Mrs. Valentine's Class earned 8 compliments in the library for good behavior.  For their reward they are required to choose an activity related to European Culture.  They voted and decided to study Paris, France, particularly The Eiffel Tower.  They created models of the Eiffel Tower and learned about some of the pastries and desserts people in Paris typically eat.  They had Vanilla Pastries, and Macarons to celebrate the culture of Paris.




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