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Advanced Placement Program

Last Updated: 10/10/2019 5:38 PM

Welcome to North Laurel High School's Advanced Placement Program.  We currently offer 12 College Board courses over a variety of content areas.  Our school is also 1 of 44 high schools across the state to be included in the Advance Kentucky Initiative.  It is a grant sponsored by the Dell, Gates, and Exxon Foundations that offers funding and rewards for successful scores on English, Math, and Science exams.

North Laurel's AP performance was recently cited in the Lexington Herald Leader as a school that "....has changed the game."  Jim Warren, August 26, 2009

Why take AP? 
1.  It allows a student to experience a college curriculum.  Each AP syllabus is approved by the College Board, so therefore the material covered is guaranteed to be instructed in preparation for the College Board Exam.  The rigorous curriculum also shows to increase ACT scores.

2.  It allows a student to experience a college like environment.  Students learn study skills and strategies to help them learn like a college student. 

3.  The College Board Exam allows a student to earn college credit.  With tuition fees increasing all the time, a potential college student can expect to pay up to one thousand dollars per class.  A passing score on an AP Exam allows the student to exempt this requirement.  In other words, it saves you money toward your tuition. 

4.  With the Kentucky Advance Initiative, a student can earn a 100 dollars per passing score in English, Math, and Science.  AP Students can also increase their KEES money

5.  AP student scores increase college eligibility and they have a higher chance than non-AP students to graduate college 

6.   The weighed grading scale allows students to surpass the 4.0 average range and be even more impressive on college applications.

NLHS College Credit Counter:  TBA

We have a group of dedicated and passionate teachers that will do anything to help you succeed!!!!!!! 

AP Courses


EnglishAP Language & Composition
AP Literature


AP Calculus AB
AP Calculus BC

AP Biology
AP Chemistry
AP Environmental Science
AP Physics

Social Studies

AP European History
AP United States History

Arts and Humanities
AP Art
AP Spanish