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About Our School

Wyan-Pine Grove Elementary is located in the serene, rural countryside of southern Laurel County. The school has a rich educational heritage from its two predecessor schools, Wyan and Pine Grove. These schools were remembered fondly by the community for their educational integrity and compassion for student learning. For this reason, it was obvious that Wyan-Pine Grove Elementary School would proudly combine the names of the two, one-room schools, and continue to embark on the educational journey that their ancestors had previously set before them. The school's top priority is to educate students in a safe and orderly environment where inquisitive minds are challenged to exceed proficiency. The school’s vision, “Together we will soar”, signifies the goal the staff has defined for their students to become lifelong learners. The faculty is dedicated and committed to provide their students with the fundamental skills that are necessary to function successfully in a technological world.

How We Ensure Educational Equity:
Our school ensures educational equity by analyzing test data to identify gaps that might exist in varying subgroups. The staff collaborates to verify that the Program of Studies, Kentucky Core Content, Curriculum Maps, and instruction are congruent. Math interventionists, para-educators, and tutors work daily with small groups of students in the areas of reading and math to differentiate student learning. The principal assesses instruction in classrooms through the use of walk-through, lesson plans, progress reports, student profile sheets, RTI interventions and observations to ensure instruction is rigorous and relevant. The Comprehensive School Improvement Plan analyzes and targets areas of strengths and weaknesses that exist in test data. Committees meet to identify instructional strategies that will address academic deficiencies. Teachers and staff believe in the school's vision, "Together We Will Soar", and set high expectations for all students to reach or exceed proficiency.