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Kyle Mink


Welcome to the McDaniel Learning Center! We are a non-traditional high school serving students from both North Laurel and South Laurel High Schools. This voluntary program allows flexible scheduling while creating an alternative setting for students who may benefit from independent credit achievement. This program will address individual educational needs and foster academic success for those students not on track to graduate with their entering freshman class.


Our Mission:

We are committed to creating a learning environment based on mutual respect, individual responsibility and promoting self-confidence.


Our Vision:

To create an environment which promotes the value of learning and sense of self-worth while preparing students to become productive and responsible citizens.



Our doors opened in October of 2008 but the seeds had been sown for this project many years before our inception. Dr. William C. McDaniel, a life-long educator from Southeastern Kentucky, had a vision of helping those students who for one reason or another had fallen behind and without some type of intervention would quite possibly not graduate. Putting the welfare of these students first, the Laurel County Board of Education at considerable cost and planning created the McDaniel Learning Center. To this date we have helped over 400 students make successful transitions by either receiving their diploma or secondary GED.


At McDaniel Learning Center we are Meeting Life’s Challenges by using the Six Ps:







Positive Mental Attitude


Above all we believe in doing great things for our students!



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