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Gifted and Talented

Gifted and Talented Identification and Placement Committee Members:

Shannon Ball-Counselor-Committee Chairperson

Frank Wilkerson-Asst. Principal

Kerri Clark-Teacher

Susan Cornelius-Teacher

Jason Fee-Teacher

Amy Sizemore-Teacher


The Laurel County Gifted and Talented Program will serve students in grades P-12.  Gifted and talented students represent a group of pupils who have been identified as possessing demonstrated or potential ability to perform at an exceptionally high level in:

- General intellectual ability

- Specific academic aptitude

- Creative or divergent thinking

- Leadership skills

- Visual or performing arts

Nominations will be taken in the Spring from certified personnel.  A systematic collection of data will provide the targeted population of candidates for services the following fall. Parents may nominate their child for possible inclusion in the program by completing a questionnaire that is available at North Laurel Middle School.  Please return this parent nomination questionnaire to your child's principal or counselor at the school within the first two weeks of school.