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Student Writing Samples

"Strange Stories of the Titanic" by Emma Hedrick

"Strange Stories of the Titanic report" by Emma Hedrick

"John Jacob and Madeleine Force Astor" by Madison Rookstool

"John Jacob report" by Madison Rookstool

"Joseph Bruce Ismay:  Coward, Villain, or a Man Judged Unfairly?"  by Andrew Durant

Joseph Bruce Ismay research paper by Andrew Durant

"Second-Class Titanic" by Sarah Ford

"The Forest" by Phillip Davis

"America Means . . ." by Christina Hall

My Trip to Belize by Kristen Gregory

"The Two Stooges" by Tyler Nickell

"Laurel Lake" by Chance Overbey

"Big Brother" by Kaitlyn Fields

"Seasons" by Adrianna Riley

"My Sibling Love" by Hannah Wyatt

"The Fault in Their Stars" by Kaitlyn Riley

"The King" by Sydni Moore

"Football!" by Khanh Tran

"Bella Jewell" by Bailey Martin


Mrs. Dixon's Language Arts classes have been studying hyperboles.  Enjoy the videos and presentations that these students put together:



 Emily Dalton, Keelin Jones, Bailey Martin & Emily Dalton





Sydni Moore, Kaitlyn Riley, Emily Royster, Maison Rudd





Khanh Tran




Aaron Rodgers & Zach Wilson




Shelby Thompson


Hyperboles by Bailey Smith



"Manganese" by Lucas Maxey



"Boron" by Jansen Hammock




"Mercury" by Matthew Hacker