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Home Correspondence Instruction


During our days off, I will be available to help answer questions daily Mon-Fri 8:00-3:00 at:



You may also make posts/comments ON a Post I've made in Google Classroom and I can reply that way. If you post directly to the wall I will not get a notification.




May the 4th Be With You







ALL WORK FOR May 4-8 Is DUE before May 9. The quicker assignments are completed, the quicker you can see your feedback for each.


On the LEFT side of the page, click on the Home Correspondence Instruction Day under your class.

This is where you can find printable copies of each of the days lessons. You can work them out on paper, or print them and complete.


After completion, you can log into Google Classroom and find each lesson as a form that can be completed and turned in for near immediate feedback. Some problems will be graded automatically, while others will need to be looked over by me, and then released back to you. If you e-mail upon completion, I will see your work quicker!


Google Classroom links :

You will need to do the following to access Google Classroom:

In the upper right click sign-in.

You will have to type your school e-mail and press enter.

You then have to type it again into the Microsoft Page that loads and put in your password.

If you do not have this class, you must click the plus in the upper right.

Type in Google Classroom Invite Code shown below:


1st Period Code: udy377l

2nd Period Code: 7f7byyg

3rd Period Code: 7f7byyg

4th Period Code: e7lapni

5th Period Code: zgiytjk

6th Period Code: q5ddmh6


I have problems! No, really I do. As a Math teacher, that's part of my job! The other part is to provide a safe and inviting classroom where all students feel welcome and take risks in the pursuit of high level critical thinking! Anyone can learn to memorize and recite basic facts and button combinations for a calculator. In fact, many of you can see basic math skills in family pets! That's why, by the end of the year, our goal is to make sure that every student can do more than just be a human calculator.

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