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Volunteer Involvement

Last Updated: 8/13/2018 3:17 PM


Volunteers are welcome in the Laurel County School District. Please note the following guidelines for volunteers as established by The Laurel County Board of Education.   

  • It is the Principal's responsibility to determine the need for volunteers and their services.
  • Volunteers must fill out an Intent to Volunteer Form and submit it to their child's school and participate in Confidentiality Training EVERY YEAR.
  • Volunteers must complete a Central Registry Child Abuse/Neglect Check and submit $10 to the Kentucky State Treasurer
  • Volunteers must complete a crime check every two years and submit $10 to pay for the processing cost.
  • Volunteers will be governed under established Volunteer Guidelines and be distinguished from a Visitor while in the school.
  • Volunteers can inquire at any Family Resource or Youth Services Center to determine dates and times for Confidentiality Training.