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Social Networking

Social Networking refers to sites such as MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, or other online communities.
These sites are extremely popular among adolescent and teens as a means to posting information about themselves and their lives.  They often post pictures, status updates of where they are and what they are doing, and who their friends are.
Like any other internet activity, use of these sites should be monitored carefully as they present many safety issues in regards to child predators or bullies.

You would not hesitate to keep your child safe in the "community" in which you live, and an online community should be no different.



  • Know your child's login and password;
  • Be on your child's friend list
  • Go through your child's friend list to see if these are legitimate friends who are age appropriate
  • Look for 2nd online accounts that do not include you on the friend's list



Social Networking Resources

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