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Intermediate Gifted and Talented Program

Last Updated: 4/24/2020 2:17 PM

Gifted and Talented Program for Intermediate Students

Grades 4 and 5

Students in the Intermediate grades who have been formally identified receive the following service options:

General Intellect

  • Pullout services with the Gifted Talented Resource Teacher twice a month for students identified for General Intellect.
  • Differentiated Instruction in the regular classroom by student’s teacher.
  • Independent Projects offered by their regular classroom teacher or Gifted/Talented Resource teacher.


Specific Academic Aptitude

  • Students who are identified in a specific subject are served in the regular classroom as well as pull-out services twice monthly.
  • Teachers differentiate to meet that child’s need in that subject area by giving them more rigorous assignments, and choices in products.
  • Students are also clustered group at certain times in the day to meet their individual needs (depending on the subject for which they are identified.) For example, this may include during literature circle time (advanced reading) or small groups in Math.


Music/Art/Drama/ Dance

  • Students nominated in these areas are invited to attend pull-out services twice monthly. The Specials Teachers may provide enrichment opportunities during their regular class time.
  • Differentiated Opportunities are also offered for students in the arts. These opportunities present themselves mostly in product choice, in that students may choose to perform a skit, write a song, do a dance as ways of showing what they learned.



  • Students who are nominated in Leadership are pulled out twice monthly to meet with the Gifted Talented Resource Teacher. 
  • Differentiated Opportunities present themselves for leadership students in small group settings, classroom projects, and student government.



  • Students identified in Creativity will be invited to attend pull-outs led by the Gifted talented Resource Teacher to enhance their giftedness twice monthly.
  • Differentiated Opportunities present themselves for creativity students in classroom assignments and projects.