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Algebra 2  

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  • Syllabus

    Algebra II Syllabus 2020-2021

    1 Credit / 2 Semesters in Math


    Mrs. Monica Jones

    Phone: 606-862-4699, extension 2548

    Email addresses:

    Office Hours: 11:30 – 12:55 p.m.


    BASIC TEXT (only for use in the classroom, students will not be issued a textbook):

    Into Algebra 2 Houghton Mifflin Harcourt 2020



    Google classroom




    Decoding the ACT and ACT practice tests



    1. Pencils

    2. Notebook

    3. access to and knowledge of how to use Google Classroom, Gradecam, Remind, DeltaMath, Edgenuity, and Infinite Campus

    *The following items will be available in class (when we return in person), but some students prefer to have their own because we run short sometimes:

    1. glue sticks

    2. safety scissors 

    3. Graph paper

    4. post-its (any color)

    5. Graphing Calculator (during HCI, you may check one out from your teacher or use one online)

    6. colored pencils



    This course is designed to build on algebraic and geometric concepts.  It develops advanced algebra skills

    such as systems of equations, advanced polynomials, imaginary and complex numbers, quadratics, and

    concepts and includes the study of trigonometric functions.  It also introduces matrices and their

    properties.  The content of this course are important for students’ success on both the ACT and college

    mathematics entrance exams.


    *Please note, should bad weather force the closing of the school, snow day assignments may be given to be completed during the student’s absence from school.



    1. Students will demonstrate knowledge of linear equations, inequalities, systems of linear equations, quadratic functions, sequences, series, and polynomials.

    2. Students will practice using mathematical language to express ideas and justify their reasoning.  

    3. Students will be assessed utilizing a variety of assessment techniques including but not limited to open response questions, kinesthetic devices, modeling, and cross curriculum  applications.

    4. Students will also focus on ACT standards, strategies, techniques, and practice.



    All students with Individual Education Plans, Gifted Student Services Plans, or other issues needing accommodations and approved by the Laurel County Board of Education, will be served according to the expectations of the plan.



    1. Students must pass the course with an overall grade of 60% or better as determined by points assigned to each assignment and assessment.

    2. Please note if the student is age 18 or older, the student must provide permission to North Laurel High School for progress information to be shared with parents/guardians.

    3. The nine-week grade will be calculated as follows:

        • 70% Test 

        • 30% Quizzes/Homework

    The semester grade will be calculated as follows:

    • 45% 1st 9 Weeks

    • 45% 2nd 9 Weeks

    • 10% Final

    This will repeat for second semester.  Keep in mind that each 9 weeks the student will  

    start with a  clear grade.  Each semester is worth ½ credit.  The semester grades are NOT 


    • Laurel County District Wide Grading Scale is as follows:

      • 100-90%- A

      • 89-80% -B

      • 79-70%- C

      • 69-60%-D

      • 59-Below is failing



    1. Students will be given the opportunity for remediation on some of their assessments at the discretion of the teacher.

    2. Students will complete a required remediation assignment prior to retaking any assessment. 

    NOTE:  Assessments are 70% of the term grade, and are the focus in class.  Assignments/daily practice/learning activities are rarely “graded” but rather discussed in class, but are essential for students to complete in order for them to learn the material.  Quizzes and assessments will be graded and entered into Infinite Campus by standards.  



    1.  It is the student’s responsibility to contact the teacher with regards to completing missing assignments.

    2. Missing assignments must be submitted to the teacher within three days after the student has returned to school.

    3. Any assignments turned after the three-day time period will have the final grade for the assignment(s) reduced by 10 percent for each day past the three-day time period.


    ELECTRONIC DEVICE POLICY (upon returning in person):

    Use of electronic devices is prohibited during classroom hours.  Students will be required to place phones in “phone dock” daily as they enter the classroom, no exceptions!  Students may use district approved electronic devices before school, after school, during their lunch period, and between classes.


    FOOD AND DRINK POLICY (To be determined following guidelines when we return in person):

    Students will be allowed food and drink in the classroom as long as it does not create a distraction.  This privilege can and will be revoked if the student does not clean up after themselves.


    Materials used in connection with Laurel County School District Home Correspondence Instruction (HCI) eLearning are subject to copyright protection. Materials may include, but are not limited to: teacher lessons, videos, audio, documents, slides, images, staff produced content, and presentations. Materials in HCI eLearning resources, materials, lessons, and presentations are only for the use of students enrolled in the HCI eLearning course, for purposes associated with the course, and may not be retained for longer than the class term. Unauthorized retention, duplication, distribution, or modification of copyrighted materials is strictly prohibited by law. All HCI materials are the sole and express property of the Laurel County Board of Education.


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