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Planning Time:  2:00-2:30

Office Hours:  Monday-Friday (while school is in session)  Please allow 24 hours for a response.


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Welcome to Sublimity Elementary!  My name is Shera Flynn. I am super excited to start our school year together! Kindergarten is the best!  Please never hesitate to contact me with any questions or concern about your child. Please continue to check Remind 101 for important updates!

Daily Schedule:  Live Reading:  9:00

                           Live Math:  10:00

                           Lunch:  11:00

                           IReady Math:  11:30

                           Writing:  12:00

                           Live Math Simple Solutions:  12:30

                           Recess:  1:00

                           Live Reading Simple Solutions:  1:30

                           Special Class:  2:00

                           IReady Reading:  2:30

Daily Routine: Students are expected to be ONLINE in the virtual classroom daily, following the above class schedule. Students will participate in class instruction which will be done through a Google Meet.  The Link to the Meet will be posted in your child's Google Classroom.  Students will log in to their Google Classroom following the regular school day schedule.  Once in Classroom, they will see materials and assignments posted.   They will click on the posted Google Meet Link to join in the live instruction.

Attendance:  Attendance will be taken through online class participation during the day.  If for some reason your child is unable to attend the LIVE online instruction, a recorded video of the lesson will be posted in Google Classroom by the end of the school day for your child to watch and complete the day's lesson.

Participation: Students are expected to participate in class discussions through the video instruction.  They are encouraged to speak up and speak directly with the class or they may post a question or comment in the chat box during the Google Meet.

Feedback:  Students will receive feedback and guidance verbally during the Live Instruction during the Google Meet, through posted instructions/directions on the Google Classroom site, and/or email.  Due dates for assignments will always be posted with the assignment.  Once an assignment is turned in, once graded, feedback along with a grade will be communicated to the student.  Grades will also be posted in IC.

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