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Literacy: Stories To Target Language SKills

Stories To Target Receptive/Expressive Language Skills

Figurative Language/Idioms:

  • "Parts" by: Ted Arnold
  • "My Dog is as Smelly as Dirty Socks" by: Hanoch Piven
  • "Similes and Metaphors" by: Ann Heinrichs
  • "Quick as a Cricket" by: Audrey Wood
  • "Brave as a Mountain Lion" by: Ann Herbert Scott


Multiple Meaning Words/Homonyms/Homophomes

  • "Did You Say Pears?" by: Arlene Alda
  • "The King Who Rained" by: Fred Gwynne
  • "Dear Deer: A Book of Homophones" by: Gene Barretta


Cause and Effect:

  • "Cortunately, Unfortunately" by: Michael Foreman



  • "Same, Same, but Different" by: Jenny Sue Kostecki-Shaw
  • "Big, Bigger, Biggest" by: Nancy Cofflet
  • "Opposties" by: Sandra Boynton
  • "If You Were an Antonym" by: Nancy Loewen
  • "If You Were a Synonym" by: Michael Dahl


Vocabulary/Basic Concepts:

  • "Max's Words" by: Katie Banks
  • "Double the Ducks" by: Stuart Murphy
  • "More or Less" by: Stuart Murphy
  • "Left, Right, Emma!" by: Stuart Murphy
  • "The Boy Who Loved Words" by: Roni Schotter



  • "It Looked Like Spilt Milk" by: Charles Shaw



  • "Freda Plans a Picnic" by: Stuart Murphy


WH Questions/Questions:

  • "Whose House is This?" by: Charles Reasoner
  • "What Am I?" by: Salina Yoon
  • "Where's Spot?" by: Eric Hill
  • "Why?" by: Richard Torrey
  • "Are You My Mother?" by: P.D. Eastman