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Planning: 1st period

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Spanish One is the beginning course of Spanish and provides the student with the basic concepts of the target language. In this course we will be focusing on the following areas of the Spanish language: listening comprehension, speaking, reading, writing skills, and knowledge of Hispanic culture. This course is an elective and does not count toward graduation requirements. This course is recommended for students who plan to attend a college or university that requires Spanish as a prerequisite or if you have an interest in learning about the Spanish language and culture.

CREDIT: one credit (each semester: 1/2 credit)

TEXTBOOK: Senderos

ACTIVITIES and ASSIGNMENTS: The following activities will be conducted and completed in this class: listening scripts, cultural projects, video clips, textbook and workbook activities, grammar and spelling exercises, oral speaking and recitations, reading comprehension questions, computer generated learning checks and practice activities, and cooperative learning activities. Notebooks will be checked periodically for class assignments/daily activities, notes and handout.

GRADING POLICY: The final grade for this course will be determined by the following: daily assignments, quizzes, tests, class participation, notebooks, projects, and cooperative learning activities. Daily grades will count 90% (45% each nine weeks) of the final grade and the final exam will count 10% of the final grade.

RULES AND CLASS PROCEDURES: School rules are expected to be abided by as stated in the student handbook. As stated in the student handbook, cell phones are to remain turned off and out of sight (see it, take it). Always come to class prepared. We will begin daily with the date and day in Spanish, dart statement and an opening assignment. It is a good idea to always write your name in ink. End of class procedures: if you have all of your Spanish work completed and are ready for the lesson test, use extra time to read or work on homework. Do not stand up from your seat until the bell rings to dismiss class.

CONTENT: UNIT ONE-Introductions

UNIT TWO-School Life

UNIT Three-family

UNIT FOUR-Pastimes


UNIT SIX-Shopping