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Mrs. White's 5th Grade   

Contact Info:

Mrs. Deanna White
5th Grade Teacher
Please email if you need any guidance on assignments.

**Once emailed I will respond to questions within 24 hours.**

School Phone Number 606-862-4625

Planning Period for 5th grade-9:30-10:10






2020-2021 HCI Information


Below is information concerning Home Correspondence Instructions.  This is a draft and changes will likely be made before the start of school.  Remember, if your child is doing online learning, you must fill out and return the appropriate forms to your school ASAP.



Dear Parents and Students,


Welcome to Home Correspondence Instruction (HCI).  We are very excited to have your child as part of our 4th grade at Camp Ground Elementary.  The district has established some county-wide guidelines to be followed.  Make sure you read and adhere to the guidelines provided by the district.  IN ADDITION to the district guidelines, our school and grade level have adopted some additional guidelines and expectations that must be adhered to.  Attached, you will find these additional guidelines.  Please read and review them carefully.  Once your child has been enrolled in HCI he/she cannot rejoin the regular classroom until the end of the midterm (every 4.5 weeks).  You can find these dates on the district website.  


If you choose HCI, there are several programs, apps, and extensions that you and your child must be familiar with in order to participate in remote learning. Please familiarize yourself with these and be prepared to use them on the first day of school.  Teachers will have limited time to assist on technical issues.  The time we do have needs to be instructional related and not tech problems.  A list of the technology programs you and your child will be expected to use this school year is also attached.


Contact us ASAP if you have any questions regarding HCI.


Thank You,

Mrs. White


Camp Ground Elementary

5th Grade

Home Correspondence Instruction (HCI) Guidelines, Expectations, and Information


  • Follow all guidelines provided by the district

  • Google Classroom is the online platform used by the district

  • Communicate with teachers via district email with questions or concerns

    • Student can communicate directly via Google Classroom

    • Please do not call the school as teachers also have students in the classroom that should not be disrupted

  • Work is due by 11:59 pm on the due date

    • Failure to complete work and participate in HCI will result in being marked absent for the day and will require a parent note or doctor’s note to receive an extension on due date

    • Unexcused absences will result in zeroes for the day’s assignments

    • Excessive absences violating the district’s attendance policy can result in truancy charges

  • Teachers will not be available to assist after 3:30pm daily Monday-Friday

  • It may take up to 24 hours to receive a response from your teacher

  • Please log in and check all student usernames and passwords for accuracy before the first day of school if possible

    • Contact the teacher with any issues 

  • You must have access to high speed internet and an appropriate device

    • A cell phone is not an appropriate device to complete school work

    • Some work can be completed from cell phones and tablets but not all

  • Expect work of equitable quantity to being in the regular classroom setting

  • Expect work of equitable difficulty to being in the regular classroom setting


  • Instructional videos and content will be posted in Google Classroom

    • There will be a live stream from the classroom. A schedule will be coming soon.  Students are strongly encouraged to participate at these times.

    • It is the responsibility of the student and parent to view all content and complete all assignments



Instructional Technology Information


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