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Art is everywhere!! Visual art is a way for someone to express their feelings or share their talents using different media.  In this class we will have the chance to create art, and evaluate other artists work.  We will learn about the history and the elements of art. Most of all we will have fun!yes

  • Let's Create Art!

    Art is anything that you create. You can draw, make crafts, take pictures, even creating stylish cakes! I thought that a good thing for you all to do this week would be to create something with things that are in your house. Don't go and get your family heirloom and mess it up, I am talking about things like coat hangers, pringles cans, toilet paper/paper towel rolls, old crayons, etc. There are many possibilities. The whole point is to create something, unguided, no help. Let's see what you can come up with! Let's make the world more beautiful by creating art!!

  • Spring Flower Crayon Art Assignment

    Art project assignment from Mr. A. 


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