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Sophomore Information


Talk to your guidance counselor or teachers about the following:

Reviewing the high school curriculum needed to satisfy the requirements of the colleges you are interested in attending

Finding out about Advanced Placement courses:



What courses are available


Whether or not you are eligible for the classes that you want to take


How to enroll in them for your junior year

Update Your Document File

Update your file or start one if you haven't already. Take a look at the Grade 9 timeline for a list of what your document file should contain.

Participate in Extracurricular Activities

Continue extracurricular activities, as admissions officers look at students' extracurricular activities when considering them for admission. Record your activities in your ILP.

Participate in Enrichment Programs

Continue participation in academic enrichment programs, summer workshops, and camps with specialty focuses such as music, arts, science, etc.


Take the PSAT in October. The scores will not count for National Merit Scholar consideration in your sophomore year, but it is valuable practice for when you take the PSAT again in your junior year (when the scores will count), as well as for the SAT I exam which you should also be taking in your junior year. You will receive your PSAT results in December.