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4th Grade Reading Resources

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                                             Grades 3-5 Home Activity Ideas for Using BrainPOP

BrainPOP is designed to be used in a variety of ways. Your child can watch the movies independently, pausing or reviewing as needed to understand a concept. If they like to read along, they can turn on closed captions. You can also watch a BrainPOP movie with your child, providing guidance, sharing and discussing ideas—making the experience an active and engaging one. There is no wrong way to engage with BrainPOP! 

You will notice a variety of resources accompanying every BrainPOP topic—from quizzes and games to related readings, and more. Encourage your child’s engagement with the content and opportunities to apply what they learn. 

Movie Talk: Tips for Actively Viewing BrainPOP Movies with Your Child




  • Spark interest by asking your child to share what they know about the topic. Encourage a personal connection—it will motivate them to watch!
    Example: Before a movie about recycling, ask “How do we recycle in our family? Why do we recycle?” 

    For a movie about an author, ask or remind your child of books they’ve read by the author.

  • Pause and ask questions throughout the movie. Or invite your child to ask questions.
    Pause at new vocabulary and have them explain.
    BrainPOP provides discussion prompts and pause points for many BrainPOP topics. To find them, click the teal Lessons Idea button below the Movie player. Then look for the Related Discussion Prompts button:

Green Box with See Related Discussion Prompts

  • Invite your child to share at least three new facts or ideas they learned from the movie using Make-a-Map. Vary the activity by grade level. For example, a 3rd grader may simply identify three facts about the topic, while a 5th grader will identify a problem and connect the solutions. 



Social and Emotional Learning (SEL)

Developing social and emotional competencies, such as managing stress, resolving conflict, persevering, etc.—are important to success in school and at home! For this reason, your child’s school has likely been integrating social and emotional learning (SEL) into the daily curriculum, explicitly teaching these important life skills. 


Explore BrainPOP’s SEL topics by theme with your child. Scroll to the bottom of the homepage and click the Social and Emotional Learning for All button:
3 Individuals with one highlighted with heart shirt


Scroll to the bottom to view SEL themes:


Box with different types of Social and Emotional Learning listed


SEL Activity Ideas:


  • Persona Poem:  Have your child choose a biography from the SEL collection, such as Malala or Martin Luther King, Jr. and watch the movie independently or with you. After, have your child write a Persona Poem—a poem written from another person’s perspective. Writing from someone else’s point of view is a powerful way to experience empathy.
    EXTRA CHALLENGE: Add a twist by not including the name of the person the poem is about. Have your child challenge you, a sibling, or a friend to guess who you are!

Grown-Up Involvement: Medium  


  • Ethics Expert: Your child takes on the role of an Ethics Expert, writing a letter in response to an ethical dilemma. Have them watch the Ethics movie and complete the Ethics Graphic Organizer. Using their notes from the Graphic Organizer, your child writes a letter suggesting a solution to the dilemma using evidence to support their idea.  

Grown-Up Involvement: Medium/High 


  • What Gives You Courage?: Have your child watch one or more biographies in the Courage and Perseverance collection. Have them think about what gave the people courage and then use Make-a-Map to identify what gives them courage.

Grown-Up Involvement: Low/Medium


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